Monday, January 14, 2019

the short-circuiting of ambivalence

feeling the way forward

at the heart of Quakerism
is both the bright light of revelation
and the short-circuiting of ambivalence:
one person speaks to a truth that seems clear
while those who hear that person have to decide
whether those words are from God
or from a poorly-programmed GPS,

the collective can be of wisdom,
though I have felt the collective
to far too often defer to inaction,
the falling into the trap 
that a lack of consensus 
as to the direction to move
is a consensus to not move,
fearing a sin in commission
and not feeling the sin in omission,

to Quakers, a clerk of a meeting
can have a major role in deliberations,
not just to be a pollster who reads where people are,
but a leader, from behind, who reads where people are,
and helps them realize where they can, and should, go.

by Henry H. Walker
January 11, ‘19

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