Tuesday, October 16, 2018

immersing in the Source

a disciple of mountains

being in the mountains is first, for me, for me,
a place to shuck off worries and duties and others,
and find myself home,
where I am more the adopted than the birthright child,
the Prodigal Son who loses his way
and finds it again, back where he began,

I also love to be in mountains with kids,
to be guide to their remembering who they are
before their parents,
before their peers,
before the reflections of ourselves 
we call human culture,

I need to immerse in these streams,
in these woods, along these trails, up on these peaks,
so that I can remember the paths,
so that I can then be able to share them,

every immersion is a return to the Source,
I like to serve as guide,
I even more like to serve as disciple.

by Henry H. Walker
October 12, ‘18

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