Wednesday, September 26, 2018

nature is open, are we?

Nature Deficit Disorder

we are an increasingly urban society,
following the herd, the jobs, high culture, the possibilities,

we are an increasingly anxious society,
helicoptering our kids with rules, restrictions,
while also allowing them the siren call of the screen,

today I took two middle school classes
just outside our building,
we sat near a small creek with a forest slipping toward us,
bird calls louder than nearby voices and working tools,

it was hard for the kids to close their eyes,
and to open themselves so that 
sounds, smells, tastes, feelings,
could work upon them, 
to let leaves and bugs and birds
have their way with them,

some students wrote of waking up,
of seeing and feeling a different world come at them,

one student wrote of being freed from the stress
of performance, of judgment, of having to talk to others,

nature is open, and we can receive.

by Henry H. Walker
September 21, ‘18

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