Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Laura should live in our moments

Laura Shmania

a ruby-throated hummingbird finds the red bee balm
by the quickly dropping mountain creek,
it visits each fading blossom to savor its gifts
and help it seed the future,

I feel Laura Shmania with me in this revelation,
and I wish she were here with the love and the skill
her camera and soul lived with such a moment,

Laura was of light and revelation,
she joyed in the beauty of a bird, a flower,
a person releasing the best self within,

may we celebrate the hummingbird and the flower,
may we work to echo the wholeness
with which Laura gave herself so fully to life,

may Laura still live in our memory and in our choices,
in the way we look at the world
and joy in the burgeoning rightness that wants to be.

by Henry H. Walker
July 25, ‘18

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