Saturday, May 26, 2018

cusps and imagination

the mud and the stars

I am blessed, and cursed,
with a driving need to imagine
what futures might lie in front 
of the cusp of this moment,

with my students I feel like a gardener
who can see the flower in the seedling,
I see the best within them
and imagine how wonderfully it might reveal itself,

I can also feel their hurt
and imagine the pain and effort a moment can hold,

I see a few huge tulip poplar trees

and my imagination reaches to hold a past
with the woods filled with a world of such giants,
and I also imagine the horror that turned them into lumber
and their home into a foulness of destruction,

I see the stars and the mud within every moment,

one of my students just opens himself enough to Earth
that he hugs a big beech trunk in front of me,

I thank the stars for my imagination right now.

by Henry H. Walker
May 24, ‘18

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