Saturday, February 3, 2018

potential, toward perfection

success, and the other

how is the world better because you lived?
how are you better because of how you lived?

I see a new-born child,
full of possibility, of potential,
as if each of us is God’s next attempt
to allow potential to be perfected,

too often, we are seduced by things, by money,
by self-worth as measured by superiority over others,
whether in our bank account, or in our religion,
we push ourselves higher by pushing down others,

should we not bet our lives on love instead?
on finding self-worth in addition
of connection upon connection,
of finding others as colleagues and not competitors?
we should want our hearts to overflow,
to give more than to receive,
to find the mountain we all should climb
and feel our own success when another summits.

by Henry H. Walker
February 2, ‘18

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