Sunday, October 15, 2017

truth from George Fox?

that of God within?

Quaker understanding embodies hard truth:
can it really be that each of us
has that of God within us?
if so, then how about what else is within us?
how do we differentiate between the different leadings
and thus find and follow the path
back toward the divine, forward with the divine?

I love to help produce a play, a musical, 
to support the performing arts,
for me, that of God within is strikingly visible
when a young person gathers the best within
and ventures forth a bit of song,
a fragment of a play, an expression of a movement,
then the fragment can metamorphose into the production,
climax, and pass on,
what I love to remember is how well the best within came out,
to let us joy in the expression of what can be released
when we acknowledge and express
the drive to rightness inherent
in what the Quaker world sees 
as “that of God” within.

by Henry H. Walker

October 13, ‘17

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Lynne said...

Thank you Henry.
Right sentiment at the right moment.