Sunday, September 17, 2017

a willful self-centeredness

sixteen years ago, today,
our sureness as a country
collapsed with the Twin Towers
of the World Trade Center,
it was as if God hated our hubris
and brought down our own Tower of Babel
in hope that we would learn
we only pretend to be master,
to learn that the love of power, of money,
can lead us away from fitting into a world
in which we are but one of many,
or rather that the many is us, too,
what many seem to have learned is hate,
that we should meet the terrorists’ hate with our own,

a huge hurricane just became its full self
by using the excess of discarded heat
from our wanton use of fossil energy
to blossom darkly into a disaster
made worse by our willful selfishness,

I do what I can to reduce my own impact,

as a species, though, we are as heedless
as a child with no parent nearby or within us.

by Henry H. Walker

September 11, ‘17

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