Saturday, November 8, 2014

for the world to be better. . .

Space for Performing Arts

a place in which to perform,

to become another in a story,
so real, it must be created and written,
and on the stage—

  a place in which to dance,
the kinetics themselves to tell the story
inherent in the muscles, the heart, and the brain,—

a place within which voice and instrument
can carry us off with them, 
music a key to help us get into 
deeper, wider, older places we need to visit, 
places that touch us at our core—

and how wonderful it must be to have a gift,
and then the will and opportunity to let it out for others,

for me I love to watch the magic trick
of knowing a young person
and then watching him/her transform
into what the play, the dance, the music 
needs to become real,
Clark Kent becomes Superman,
Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman,

I love to watch, and help, the hesitant become assertive,
the gifts hidden within to reveal themselves upon a stage,
and the world to better for there is 
space for the performing arts.

by Henry H. Walker
November 6, ’14

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