Wednesday, October 15, 2014

step out of the moment

a frame of the movie

I like to take pictures
so that it is easier to remember
the gestalt of a time
by holding a moment in the hand,
having at least a frame of the movie
within which we act and move,

the plasticity of our mind, our drive for order,
can recreate, reach to remember the whole,
since a part can be in our hands,

yet I have to step out of the moment
to photograph the moment,

there’s also a rightness in how one can be completely in the moment,
in how we can ride the wave and forget before and after
while the moment feels eternal,
and we know the present as all that is real, 
for now,

still, I will often step out, snap a picture,
and hope I can treasure the past
that has led to this present.

by Henry H. Walker
October 10, ’14

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