Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sharply succulent

tomato dreams

the tomato seed germinates,
prods itself out of the ground
in hopes the sun will be there for it,
it reaches as high as it can go
while inside for a month
as killing cold holds sway over the garden,
it falls over and finds a way to reach high again anew,

it knows hope,
and it embodies will,

I can feel within the stalky green
the potential of tomato upon tomato coming to be,
and I long to pluck each sharply succulent globe
and bite into what was but a dream
back in the dead of winter,

humans are such stuff as can envision and make real such dreams,

I imagine the tomato,
and I work to find the path from my imagining
to plucking that first fresh tomato
as soon after the Summer Solstice as possible.

by Henry H. Walker
March 19, ’14

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