Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the season is changing

Spring is stealthy

Spring is stealthy, sneaky, unobtrusive,
as it hides away in the dark time,
in the cold time when water forgets it’s a liquid,

now in early March the calendar reminds us
that the Equinox is but weeks away,
and the air here in the South
feels more of the Gulf of Mexico than that of Canada,

crocus I’ve planted are like scouts for spring,

now daffodils, hyacinth, January jasmine, and japonica

follow in flower in our yard,
trout lilies begin their show,
the maples hurry their blooms/blossoms
and use wind to carry their pollen,

if I look closely at branch of bush and tree,
I see that which was hidden
works hard to start to reveal itself,

though still cautious to not come out for sure
until more sure of acceptance,

I see a bluebird today for the first time this year,
right at the bluebird house we maintain for their species,
his thoughts, and hers, she whom I haven’t yet seen,
their driving thoughts must be of the next generation
that will feed on the insects that will awake,
Spring will drop pretense
and release leaf and flower, seed and young,

the light time, the warm time, will hide away for a time
the caution that will become the upcoming Fall into Winter.

by Henry Walker
March 5, ’11

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