Friday, December 31, 2010

companion to granddaughters

a force of nature

the human spirit is a force of nature,
like the root that finds a way, regardless,
like water that can sculpt a mountain, given enough time,
like a hummingbird that takes itself from the U.S. to the tropics,
and back again, despite how diminutive it is,
like a storm, or a glacier, or the desert sun,

our granddaughters are each a force of nature,
becoming who they are with implacable force,

though also with an openness to the right nudge,
the right clarifying question or reaction,
so that means and goals negotiate with each other
to reveal connections between consequence and cause,

directions forward have guides who suggest,
a driver who decides,

and at each nexus, each moment of nexus,
each stumbles steadfastly toward a future
that can well express the force of nature
each granddaughter embodies with her soul,
that self who increasingly feels itself here and ready to be:

how extraordinary to be a companion on any part of that journey.

by Henry Walker
December 28, ’10

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Ike Walker said...

Great pictures! Well done weaving them in with the poem.