Friday, January 1, 2010


Isabel, version 1.5

at one and a half Isabel is solidly herself--

there is an implacable sureness to her gaze and her actions,
a firmness as she considers, decides, acts,
she takes it all in and the decision-maker inside
sends her hands and her feet out
to touch, to pull, to push, to drop, to explore,
to mirror her sister, to engage with those around,

she casts out sounds and we quickly know her opinion,
especially if it’s “No!” with a quick shake of the head,
or her decisive “I want MAMA!”,
her interest: “More. . . That. . . Wuh!” (when she sees a dog),
sometimes a pride or something else: “I did it,”
her love of “Dada” and the power of “Door”
saying “Bye” and “Hi,” and her hand moves to reinforce the sound,
she increasingly has opinions of what she wants,
and when she wants it,

and, for now, she is limited in the verbal tools
that can express the subtleties within her,
so she fusses more and hopes we can translate well,

her whole face lights up when you notice her,
she notices you,
and you each smile,
her smile and the light in her eye enough to melt anyone,

life comes at her and she comes at life
as if each is made for the other,
with most of us, the fit isn’t so seamless
and a disquiet at that partial disconnect unsettles us,

I feel solidity of self and place in Isabel,
I love watching her watch her big sister
and to learn her best from her,
and I like watching her toddle quickly away as Big Big comes at her
to join in the fun that can be a bit much for the smaller self to endure.

by Henry Walker
December 27, 2009

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Ike Walker said...

This is great. The pictures and words capture the wonderful moment of Isabel's growing up that is happening right now.