Sunday, December 6, 2009

off into nature

Ways to be with the world

the world can be too much with me
when I do not spend enough time within the natural world,
it can get a bit much:
family & work, the logistics of answering all the callings,
from chores to vocation,

I do love to give myself fully
to that dance within which the world & I share the lead,

for weeks now I’ve felt a pull
to disengage from the leading,
to stroll & sit & muse
upon whatever gift the universe will reveal and casually open before me,

along the Blue Ridge Parkway 15 turkeys stop me in the road,

we find a clear view of a red rose sun
who sets behind the main ridge of the Smokies,

just inside the national park
the first elk I’ve ever seen in the East
graze in the dusking light--

one great bull & 9 cows & calves,

in the early evening I find my way outside and down to the creek,
full of itself from recent rains,
Cassiopeia & a quarter moon reveal themselves above
through the newly-bare branches,

I feel expectant--
sure that there are gifts that will open
whenever I take the care to notice,
each gift is not just for me
yet I can feel it to be for me
if I but open myself to revelation,

nature untamed reveals gift after gift
and helps me open myself to grow larger,
and, after recreating,
I can hope my vision and my energy
will be up for the challenge of the dance again,

for now I hear better the underlying rhythms & melodies.

by Henry Walker
November 25, ’09

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Bill said...

very nice Henry. Made me pause on an otherwise busy Sunday morning.