Wednesday, August 5, 2009

relationship and the oblivious

relationship can be central

so much that builds who we are
is connection with the other,
the expansion out to feel that who we are
only grows truer as we become larger,

I love family and joying in the bonds
with partner, child, grandchild, cousin,
all the blood with whom I can feel a tie,

I love friends and joying in the bonds
of shared adventure, organizing the trip,
cooking the food, preparing it all,

I watch a one-year-old and see her thirst
to drink in everyone around her,

and I see the smiles bubble out of us
as we joy in the twinkle in her eye
that draws out the twinkle in our own,

autism and its cousins deny so much connection,
for that which is obvious to most of us
does not even exist in a perception oblivious to it all,
and yet a perception intense in its own way
and to which I feel oblivious.

by Henry Walker
July 31, ‘09

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