Monday, July 20, 2009

flying to Wyoming

plane gives, plane takes away

from tens of thousands of feet in the air
the largest of patterns reveal themselves:
fractal lines upon the land,
mountains rippled as if washboarded on a road,
curve after curve of rivers
as they take their time to live the return to the sea,
clouds filling the hollows or curtaining it all,

so much that is 3 dimensional to us on the ground
flattened into 2 dimensions and near forgotten,
as if all the world is a painting
with only the thickness of the paint
relieving it from flatness,
and the details forgotten
like a story we can’t remember.

by Henry Walker
July 7, ‘09

1 comment:

Ike Walker said...

Well put!

As I travel more I find myself becoming desensitized to the wonder of looking out the window of an airplane, but taking my kids on a plane for the first time has brought back the sense of wonder for me as I introduce them to it for the first time.