Tuesday, April 21, 2009

for a colleague

find your footing, then leap!

life is always some kind of odyssey
as adventure after adventure grabs us and whirls us about,
and we search within for the wherewithal to find our way home,
and way too often it takes us awhile to figure out
what home is for us, and then where we can find it,

the way of understanding home that makes sense to me
is not a mere resting place where the story’s over,
but a base that accepts and loves us for who we are
and that gives us footing and direction
so that who we are can leap out with grace upon the world,
a home that works to let us reveal the best that is within us,
that which feels right to us,
and that which does right for others,

with life partner and with life career
I feel I’ve won a lottery
as who I am has found home
and metamorphosis after metamorphosis releases me
to be greater than chance alone can have rolled,

Matthew, I saw you in Pat’s class at N.C. State
and heard her excitement at the power within you,
I’ve watched you teach math, song, and person
with passion and investment,
and kid after kid has found a voice,
and staff after staff have grown,
as all of us try to keep up with your joy in being,
in learning, in singing the song of ourselves,

I thrill with you that you have found a partner
who can help complete you,

may you find the way to the next steps on your odyssey
so that you can find home for your career,

and song after song will then find its way into the world
because you have your footing, and you leap!

by Henry Walker
April 20, ‘09

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