Sunday, January 25, 2009

a wholeness can rise

a wholeness rising

out of the darkness can come light,
order can coalesce away from disorder,
the inanimate can, has, and will animate,

all around me I feel I see a wholeness
that seeks to realize itself:
the baby from potential to actual,
the student from lesser to greater,
the artist, the writer--from somewhere
a newness seeks to be born,
doubt can find faith,
the fragment, the whole,

each creation almost gratuitously echoes our origin--

so much depends on the simple complexity of a corn husk doll,
simple materials that something within seemingly casually
works into a pleasing intricacy
and a wholeness is before us,

a waterfall,
a bud,
a stone turned and revealed,
a rightness before us,
a rightness in us,
a rightness from us,

I know we can dissect,
and make lists of instructions,
that we can reduce to mechanism,
the clock within revealed,
and we gain power from that understanding,
but for an autopsy the patient must die,
the flower must be plucked,

instead, I love to reach out to that wholeness rising
and to be as mirror to reflect each soul that twinkles behind the eye,

each piece of the creator who manifests everywhere
if but given the right opening to reveal the wholeness that can rise.

by Henry Walker
January 19, ‘09

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